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Riada’s Insight

Unleash Enterprise Asset Management in JIRA

JIRA is the Atlassian project and task management tool used to track every issue in order to raise visibility and transparency into any work process, making teams fast, in the know and organized.
Thanks to its incredibly powerful and flexible workflow engine, today JIRA is the incident, change and problem management solution chosen by thousands of companies.
Why don’t you try to optimally manage everything that could be different from an issue, exploiting JIRA’s potentialities?

Each company is different from every other, so we have to control and manage a huge variety of assets (tangible or not) that have a value for your team, such as; computers, facilities, workers, customers, contracts…and lots more.
Every time we talk about asset management we refer to the system that makes you able to monitor and manage the “valuable things” we find in every team.

GetConnected wants to recommend you the best add-ons you can find on the Atlassian Marketplace, for those who want to extend the native JIRA functions with the asset Management functionalities. We are of course talking about Insight and Insight Discovery, developed by Riada.

At the end of 2019 Riada re-branded its software management and development part by creating a new company, Mindville, which merges Insight and Discovery, while the Riada brand remains associated with the Atlassian partnership and consultancy

Riada is a Swedish company (started in 2005) and an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner with high certificated skills in customizing solutions based on the Atlassian suite. The Riada Team has developed the Insight add-ons with a mission – Unleash the power of Enterprise Asset Management on the Atlassian platform.
The most important advantages for the customer are to check and manage the asset, being hard linked with the issues that he is using, everything just on one single place: JIRA.

Let´s have a more specific look – how can these plugins be so useful for you?

Insight: Manage all your assets in JIRA

Insight by Riada is the add-on specifically developed to manage everything that is not a proper issue on JIRA platform.

Insight unleashes the power of Enterprise Asset Management with the Atlassian platform. It provides the CMDB functionality you need for ITSM with Atlassian but also a lot of other areas:

  • IT-teams use Insight to control assets like servers, computers, phones, accessories etc.
  • Software teams use Insight to manage release information like software components, packages and versions.
  • Business teams use Insight to manage onboarding of employees, financial information, marketing & legal assets and more.

The Insight add-on provides:

  • Configuration Management Database in JIRA: Insight can be used as a CMDB for everything that aren’t issues, in the same system where all the issues are;
  • Automation & scale: the powerful automation framework in Insight gives you all the freedom you need to be in control of large asset structures;
  • Reports & graphs: the graphical explorer enables dependency mapping and impact analysis is equipped with detailed information about every asset, like associated JIRA issues, attachments and all attributes;
  • Open API’s: Insight is built for enterprises and is packed with comprehensive functionality but we think you should have the freedom to make Insight a perfect fit. Need to import/synchronize to/from external systems – open JAVA and REST API’s gives you unlimited possibilities;

  • Integration: the strength of Insight not only lies into its capacity to integrate and to link assets with the users’ data. It also allows to display configuration elements directly onto JIRA Service Desk screens. Moreover, you can visualize your Insight assets in Confluence thanks to the free new add-on Insight for Confluence. This first version includes the Insight Objects macro which is pretty similar to the JIRA Issues macro. The dynamic Riada team announced  that a lot of functionality will be added soon.

Using Insight in your JIRA allows you to improve asset utilization with proactive asset management and to respond faster and make better decisions, increasing governance and reducing operational risk.

Insight Discovery: A powerful scanner on your whole network

Insight Discovery is an agent-less network scanning add-on that scans multiple networks for hosts and devices. The collected data is automatically imported into the Insight CMDB and available in JIRA. Patterns determine what can be discovered and what data is collected. Out-of-the-box you can discover assets like:

  • Linux & Unix servers
  • Windows servers
  • Computers
  • Routers & Switches
  • Printers
  • etc.

The main strong points of this add-onare summarized in the following aspects:

  • Automated & secure: automatic network scanning and encrypted traffic;
  • Agent-free network scanning: no need for installed agents on your machines;
  • Dependency mapping:: automatically identify dependencies between assets;
  • Pattern architecture: customizable patterns that gives you the data and assets you need

Insight Discovery provides a repeatable and reliable method to identify the elements of enterprise IT infrastructure, making it possible to capture an accurate and up‑to‑date view of all CI’s, from hardware to software

Insight and Insight Discovery for the best ITSM in JIRA

IT Service Management (ITSM) refers to the way the IT team manage the customer providing service.

This is a very important matter because today’s customers are always asking for more rapid services that gives them immediately added value.

This is why Atlassian has developed the JIRA service desk, a service management tool which has received the ITIL certification by PinkVerify ™ 2011 and the ISS bronze ITIL thanks to 4 tasks; incident management, service request, problem management and change management.

With JIRA Service Desk customers find an easy way to ask for help and IT agents a fast way to resolve incidents.

But…can asset management be useful to improve ITSM even more? Obviously!


By extending Jira with the AM insight and the Insight Discovery functions, it becomes possible to feature the it TEAM with a CMDB with a complete and updated view of the entire environment.

The outcome is an improvement of the ITSM in; reporting, automation and monitoring.

Trading on the JIRA characteristics and its potentialities Riada is making the ITSM even more agile for the IT team!

Contact our expert!

Let's meet Riada

GetConnected wanted to know better the Swedish team that had the idea to take the asset management functionalities and integrate them within JIRA.For this reason, we had a little chat with Johnny Federley, head of marketing & Channels at Riada, here’s the interview:

  • Who is Riada? Riada has been helping organisations for over a decade in reaching their true potential by combining processes and software tools like JIRA, Confluence and Bitbucket. As Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Riada offers consultancy services as well as software products. The top-selling Insight product is used by organisations like Porsche, Spotify, Intel and Disney. By using the Atlassian Marketplace, Riada has reached over two thousand customers in over 60 countries.
  • Why an Atlassian user should use Insight and Insight Discovery? Creative companies like Intel, Disney, Spotify & Klarna have a lot in common? One thing is that they keep track of ALL of their important things in JIRA. Insight is one of the best selling add-ons for JIRA. It let's you unleash your team's potential by managing ALL things (assets) that aren't issues - in JIRA;
  • How your products integrates through the Atlassian platform? The Insight add-ons unlocks the JIRA platform to be used for enterprise asset management as well as large scale ITSM implementations. By using Insight as a CMDB, you combine two very powerful and automated platforms. With this solution, JIRA is no longer used to only manage issues, it can be used to manage anything. The Insight products are perfectly integrated with JIRA Service Desk and used for a wide variety of scenarios. Customers like Spotify, Dell, Intel and Sony are running Insight with JIRA to have full control over different assets.
  • Any work-in-progress plan for the future? Team Riada is working hard on developing our ad-ons Insight and Insight Discovery and we´re creating new add-ons as we speak. You can count on new amazing releases as well a growing partner program designed for everyone to maximize their potential. We´re also planning som amazing customer stories we can´t wait to share with you all.
  • Will we see you at the next Atlassian Summit? Yes indeed, we will be at the Summit Europe in Barcelona as well as at the Summit in San José. Stop by our booth and/or book a meeting with us while there!

JIRA is a great tool to manage bugs, tasks, and issues. Boosting your JIRA with the Inisght addons by Riada will allow you to  unleash AM functionalities and to manage everything that is not an issue linking assets with the users’ data, in one single place: JIRA.

Thanks to the power of Enterprise Asset Management with Atlassian you will be able improve your performance for ITSM  but also in a lot of other areas.

This is why GetConnected suggest you to try Insight and Insight Discovery by Riada today.