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Lucidchart: boost your collabortion


Boost your Atlassian

The increasingly complex and competitive environment in which modern companies are competing everyday makes it necessary to put teams on track to be able to operate successfully, but it also poses new challenges that makes it more difficult for teams to stay on the same page: distributed workforce, information overload and speed of change are just some of the challenges that your team is facing today!

This is why Atlassian is developing tools to help teams of all kinds and sizes to organize, discuss and complete their shared work and to achieve the best goals, together!
HipChat (instant messaging), Confluence (document collaboration), JIRA (project & task management) are the Atlassian suite software designed to improve collaboration on projects, sharing of knowledge, communication of information and process management.
However, if Atlassian is the solution now adopted by more than 60,000 companies in order to structure the work of their teams in an innovative and effective way, that’s not only thanks to the out-of-the-box tool features; very often, what influences the choice of Atlassian is the possibility to extend the native functionality through a marketplace provided by more than 10,000 plugins, each of which is specifically developed to meet the various market demands.

This variety of choice guarantees that every business need can find its solution in a specific plug-in or add-on of the marketplace …. the important thing at this point is to understand what is the instrument that you need right now!

GetConnected has the expertise to help its clients to orientate in this dense maze of opportunities, and today we want to give you a suggestion that may be useful to your organization: Lucidchart as a solution to create diagrams in an intuitive and collaborative way.

Meet Lucidchart

Lucidchart is a web flowchart-maker app, born in 2010, and used today by more than 8 million users worldwide to easily create a wide variety of professional diagrams: flowcharts and network diagrams, ERD, UML, mind maps and more.

The main strong points of this application are summarized in the following aspects:

  • Ease of use: Lucidchart has something for everyone: first time users can create mind maps or flowcharts in minutes with the simple drag-and-drop interface, while professionals can piece together intricate mockups or network diagrams with similar ease
  • Safety and reliability: all data is transferred to Lucidchart servers using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with AES-256 bit encryption (all data is encrypted in-transit and at rest); moreover, Lucidchart stores every version of your diagrams and automatically save your changes and all documents are backed up hourly.
  • Advanced functionality: save time making complex diagrams with advanced Lucidchart functionality such as UML sequence diagrams from markup, organizational chart generation from .csv files, ERD import and export and AWS architecture import.
  • Integration and Compatibility: Lucidchart seamlessly integrates with a wide range of apps and platforms, making it easy to add visual content in any workflow. You can add Lucidchart to your G Suite, import / export files from MS Visio, and share your diagrams onJiveSlack and, of course, on Atlassian programs. One Lucidchart license gives you integrations with all of these platforms!

In particular, the Lucidchart add-on allows you to experience a powerful integration between the collaboration tools HipChat, JIRA and Confluence, becoming an excellent way for capturing and sharing knowledge among teams through the Atlassian common platform.
The real-time collaboration on HipChat, for example, becomes even more rapid, effective and intuitive thanks to the support of visual content created directly on rooms; then you can archive your diagrams on Confluence for future reference, or attaching them to a JIRA issue to support activities and projects performances.
Extending the native functionalities of Atlassian tools with the Lucidchart add-on means bringing the levels of communication and organizational collaboration to the next step.

Lucidchart & GetConnected together for the best Atlassian experience

As solid and reliable an application can be,you still need a helping hand.

Solving problems, bug report, day-by-day care, assistance for any kind of configuration or simply a demo request; there are a lot of reasons why you may have asked in the past for support from your favorite application ….. without receiving the high-level service you expected.
Don’t panic! Your IT team can relax, because GetConnected and Lucidchart have decided to join their forces to ensure you the best Atlassian experience.

Thanks to the commercial partnership we started last year, we have a direct channel of communication with the highly skilled Lucidchart development team.

Thanks to this collaboration, GetConnected ensures  the best possible support to all customers that choose to install Lucidchart as an Atlassian add-on to extend the functionality of their tools!

And Another Thing…

To conclude our Atlassian insight, we decided to ask a few questions directly to Joseph McFarlane – Channel Sales Manager at Lucidchart – to help us to better understand some Lucidchart aspects  as an Atlassian plug-in, and to reveal to us a preview of some of their future projects.


  •         Why should an Atlassian user install Lucidchart?

Lucidchart allows Atlassian users to quickly and visually communicate ideas to their colleagues, bringing quick collaboration and communication of information to spaces where they are already working. Whether working on an issue or project in JIRA or creating a knowledge base within Confluence, Lucidchart allows users to simplify work flows and communicate more effectively.

  •         Why is Lucidchart a better choice than MS Visio?

Lucidchart is the superior alternative to MS Visio in three key ways:

(1) Collaborative – you can have an your whole team working on the same diagram at the same time and then share that diagram easily with colleagues or clients.
(2) With only paying for one license, users can integrate diagrams with virtually every 3rd party app – which means you can diagram wherever you please.
(3) Simple, intuitive, and fast–it’s just so easy to use!

  •       Any work-in-progress plan for the future?

Always! We are constantly improving Lucidchart, updating on two-week sprint cycles. Some major enhancements this coming year will be making the product available in more languages, adding more import and export features to and from data sets (data linking), and releasing a new, cleaner version of the editor. Since we are constantly iterating and improving, we always welcome product feedback and feature requests, so please let us know!

  •         What do you expect from the collaboration with GetConnected?

With our partnership with GetConnected, we hope to bring a full-service solution to Confluence and JIRA users, allowing our mutual clients to document and visualize processes and systems using Lucidchart within the Atlassian suite. 

  •        Will we see you at the next Atlassian Summit?Absolutely! We will be a Gold Sponsor at Atlassian Summit Europe 2017 and plan on sponsoring Atlassian Summit San Jose as well. We can’t wait to see you there!

GetConnected has decided to invest its energies in the consolidation of this partnership because we strongly believe that Lucidchart is a great add-on that allows you to put to page any complex process you may have in mind, making the work of your team even simpler and more agile.