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Get the most out of your Atlassian tools

Put everyday problems into the hands of an external expert and let your team focus on producing value for your company.

Discover the tools and the service plans

Global Support

Global Support is the remote assistance service that supports customers in daily issues related to the Atlassian tools and promotes the best use of the systems.

Incident Management

Management of incidents that are not part of standard operations, that cause service interruptions or reduce service quality, with the goal of minimising the negative impact and restoring system functionality.

Service Request Management

Standard user requests, such as the introduction of new users, requests for access to resources and services, extraction of standard reports, etc.

Change Management

System modification requests that do not involve architectural or software configuration aspects.

Why choose us

Manage complexities

Drastically reduce the risk of failures or inactivity times of your crucial services that are based on Atlassian applications.

Serve your users better

Keep your user base satisfied with high tool performance and access to expert-provided support, also 24/7 for critical problems.

Keep your teams focused

Help your teams remain focused on their tasks and main projects, without shouldering the management and administration of the operational tools.

Reduce costs

Maximise the investment in your Atlassian stack, improving service and performance.

Increase your agility

Adopt new features fast, scale your platform ad infinitum, focus on innovation rather than on infrastructure, and access support for your Atlassian apps.

How it works


High-velocity support: we use Jira Service Desk, the Atlassian self-service portal, to offer users a single platform from which to receive support, fast.

Knowledge-base on Confluence: for the easy retrieval of replies to needs that have been dealt with before.

Service plans


Pay-as-You-Go: only pay for requests from the portal with monthly invoicing of the actual services provided.

Subscription: annual fixed cost for an agreed number of requests.