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All the skills you need, in a single team

Specialised consulting

GetConnected places its certified Atlassian consultants at your disposal for all activities that relate to the Atlassian suite and ecosystem, whether you are assessing their introduction or you already have operational licences.

Our experts can support you with system-related consulting, the implementation of solutions, or consulting on the configurations or on the Atlassian platform and the extensions that best meet your needs.

During the Consulting service we also manage the entire set of project preparatory activities, from request for new activities to the management of progressions, to the contractual aspects and coordination with consultants, as well as the management of Licences all the way to the simulation of new contractual scenarios that may emerge as the project grows.

Trusting the specialist consulting of GetConnected lets you:

Rely on a team comprised of all necessary roles and skills

Speed up a project and reduce the risks to its implementation

Safely adopt new tools, or strategically innovate your stack

Free your teams of technical aspects so they can focus on results

Take advantage of a direct channel to Atlassian and partners

EFFECTIVE or EFFICIENT: which design approach do you need?

One of our activities’ guiding principles is being there for the customer on a path that will lead them to using tools effectively and efficiently. The experience acquired in the field has helped us to identify 2 starting points that make it easier to reach that goal and that focus on efficiency and fast operativity, or on effectiveness and tailor-made solutions.

These two starting points are at the origin of the two design approaches we normally use.

Fast & Run Approach

The Fast & Run approach is based on efficiency and its goal is to get the customer started as soon as possible, proposing solutions depending on the area concerned (e.g., DevOps, ITSM, Task Management, Test Management), thanks to a pre-configured solution that is the fruit of our experience in the field.

This approach makes it possible to:

Be operational fast, in a few weeks, with a ready-to-go solution

Reach the minimum optimisation target, such as eliminating xls sheets and mails, fast

Take advantage of a plug n’ play solution, with modular functionality (therefore customisable)

Start from a fast and standard solution that can also be extended later, depending on needs

This initial solution can be improved to transform into a solution that also guarantees higher effectiveness levels (for example, with the adoption of customisations that better meet the team’s needs).

The “Fast&Run” approach we propose envisages the use of a select set of already configured products that are integrated in accordance with the DevOps guidelines, ITIL, and in accordance with the experience that we have acquired on the market in recent years.

Ready to start making your process more agile now, leaving the evaluation of additional implementation steps for later?

Inception &Go approach

The Inception & Go approach is based on effectiveness and its goal is to more precisely meet the specific needs of each customer and to support them in an instantly effective and targeted manner in understanding and adopting tools.

It is an approach that looks more at deep goals and that prioritises people and learning rather than operativity and speed.

This approach makes it possible to:

Develop a more targeted solution that starts with the customer’s deep-seated needs

Have a flexible solution to simply and quickly adapt to change, and be effective in the long term

Work incrementally and adaptively, also on the side of the consultant supplier

Lastly, it lets the customer gradually absorb the main notions that help with the subsequent independent management of processes and tools.

The implementation path of this approach consists of three steps:




By following this approach, we can guide you along its methodological transformation, starting from the study of existing organisational processes (Inception) to then focus on the introduction of new processes and of the right technological tools to support the effective implementation of the DevOps methodology (Implementation). Lastly, by proposing a training phase that promotes the entire team’s understanding of the new approach and of the tools introduced (Coaching).



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