Migrate to the Cloud with GetConnected! Atlassian server – end of support!

Atlassian Solution Partner

The Atlassian suite, one of the most incredible new products of the last ten years in the world of management software and business tools, alongside the experience of an Atlassian Platinum Partner to help you get the most of your processes.

Unleash your team’s potential!


Cloud Migration Assessment is the GetConnected solution that lets companies set up the Cloud Migration process from Atlassian Servers and Data Centers, without nasty surprises along the way!

Specialised consulting

GetConnected places its certified Atlassian consultants at your disposal for all activities that relate to the Atlassian suite and ecosystem, whether you are assessing their introduction or you already have operational licences.


With Inception you can consciously change the way in which your group works in 3 weeks.

ITSM Fast&Run

ITSM Fast & Run is the end-to-end solution that makes it possible to introduce and implement a Service management structure in very little time, as it has already been configured for various project sizes.

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