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Govern your Atlassian system and scale collaboratively

Thanks to the Atlassian Governance service, we help you develop an enterprise management of your Atlassian stack to get the most out of the system and guarantee the continuous improvement of the tools, in a shared and organised environment.

Why outsource the management of your Atlassian tools?

Our Governance solution is a service that takes the customer’s Atlassian systems in hand, incrementally to the complexity of the ecosystem that has been created. A service conceived and developed to guarantee the best use of the system and to support the customer in the various issues.

Putting management in the hands of an external team of certified experts helps reduce the cost, complexity, and risk of your organisation’s investment in Atlassian tools.

Governance also aims to create a standard for the use of solutions with the aim of promoting project collaboration and organisation.

Discover the benefits of the Governance service


1. Cut down on costs

2. Manage complexity

3. Create an organised and shared system

4. Fill the technical gap

5. Reduce the investment risk

Atlassian Governance: involve all corporate components in an Atlassian ecosystem

Environment growth, tailor-made solution management, shared knowledge: there are many complex cases where it makes sense to trust an expert with system Governance.

Governance also involves all company components in the management of the “ecosystem” through the Atlassian stack.



Create a system that is controlled and regulated by a team dedicated to providing support for corporate and operational processes and tailor-made solutions. Provide organised and shared responses to the needs of different teams when it comes to onboarding, the coordinated management of emergencies, updating users, and change management.



Create a set of pre-configured solutions for the fast onboarding of teams, projects, and other suppliers. Offer a centralised portal for the management of all information requests and support for upgrades and solutions, aside from structuring a Knowledge Base that supports projects and users.



Draw up a structured and simplified policy system to guarantee the accessibility and profiling required. Increase the agility of both the solutions offered by the Atlassian platforms and of new features and solutions that can be implemented to support the various teams.



Get proactive consulting based on analysis of the system and tracking of user requests, with possible suggestions for improvement, the implementation of new useful solutions, and support to continuous improvement to guarantee the flexibility required to use the platform.

Would you like to know more?

What Governance offers you


A Team dedicated to the management of requests and onboarding of the various incoming teams or projects

A Team dedicated to the management of requests and onboarding of the various incoming teams or projects


Assessment and installation of Marketplace apps and tools

Integration with the essential applications and tools in use

System support of infrastructure and licences

Instance development and testing

Repository of solutions

Creation and configuration of workflows, graphs, fields, channels, and workspaces

Setup of the various products to create a homogeneous and controlled system

User configuration and permission management


Codification of standard fast team onboarding practices on existing solutions, or tailor-made if it is necessary to define new models

Avoid delays and reduce the cost of new hires

Support portal

Centralised Service Desk for all ordinary management and for the collection of the various requests through the support team

Knowledge base

Collection, creation, and sharing of the design documentation of the Atlassian app structure.

Use rules, guidelines, and definition of the various solutions present

Common practices

Consulting on best practices for getting the most out of the tools and the system

Creation of a set of shared solutions for the needs of the various teams with a view to scalability

Filling the technical expertise gap

Definition of shared policies to facilitate the Rollout of new teams on the platform

A team at your side for all complexities

Level 1 Team

Level 2 Team

Level 3 Team

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