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Jira Software, the No. 1 tool in the world used by agile teams

JIRA Software, an Atlassian project and issue tracker, is the No. 1 tool in the world used by agile teams to plan, track, and release the best software.

JIRA Software is designed specifically based on the needs of developer teams, and includes the best tools for Agile management, integration with all development tools, and an optimised project experience for the entire software team. The best software teams release often, fast, and in response to feedback and market trends. Whether you are a veteran or are taking your first steps in the world of agile development, JIRA Software helps you implement all advantages at each stage.


Create your issues, plan sprints, and allocate tasks to all members of your team.
You can use Scrum, Kanban, or a mixed methodology: the flexibility of JIRA Software’s planning features adapts to the way in which your team prefers to work


Assign priorities and exchange ideas with your team, with full transparency at all stages of the project.
No matter if your team is sat at the same table or is spread around the world: Atlassian’s tool will help you stay on the same page.
In addition, you can always keep the most urgent issues at the top of your backlog’s list with a simple drag-and-drop.


Do not be afraid to release your software: you will always have the most up-to-date information.
Having a real-time overview of the health state of your next release from the very first day helps you release with more confidence.


Improve your performance and that of your team by analysing the results obtained in real time and with the support of the best graphics.
The reporting features provide a critical view of the agile process, helping you improve at all subsequent iterations

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  • Customisable workflow configuration
  • Trigger and transition automatisation

Each team has its own worksite; the flexibility of JIRA Software makes it possible to manage any team and any process.


  • Division into sections for each Agile project stage: Planning, Tracking, Releasing, Reporting
  • Possibility to insert customisable links, for example to Confluence pages, HipChat rooms, Stack Overflow, and others.

Everything a team needs to collaborate, track, and release software is integrated in a unique tool accessible with a single click.


  • Break down Epics into stories and tasks, smaller work units
  • Make time estimates in story points, hours, T-shirt size or with your preferred technique
  • Assign versions
  • Organise the work in Sprints (iterations of predetermined duration)

The backlog is where incomplete work that must be done gets accumulated. JIRA Software helps you create a backlog that makes it easy to plan and carry out this work.

Active Sprints

For each ongoing sprint (Kanban or Scrum), use the dashboard to view:

  • At what stage of the workflow a specific team is
  • Who is working on the sprint
  • In which epic it is located
  • Visibility in the code, whether it has been revised or released

Increase the visibility of ongoing work for each member of your team, always stay on the same page to reach the best result together.

Release Hub

  • Real-time view of the status of the next release from the very first day of development
  • Attention to items that have not gone through the revision/testing process
  • Highlighting issues that have corrupted builds or that can jeopardise the release

Observe what is happening at code level and investigate anything that seems inconsistent or not ready for production.

Automatic monitoring helps the team save time and reduce problems .


Numerous reporting features already integrated out-of-the-box, as burndown or velocity charts

Constantly keep track of how your team works, to understand on which aspects to take action in order to successfully release better and faster products at each sprint


  • Native integration with all Atlassian tools in the development stack – Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo, and HipChat
  • Presence of over 1,000 plug-ins and add-ons in the Atlassian Marketplace, built in response to market requests to be integrated with JIRA and to expand its features depending on your needs

Collect in a single tool all development project information, from the concept all the way to launch, to make sure that your team is constantly aligned and kept up-to-date.

Your functionality requests will always find a solution in a specific plug-in; we at GetConnected will help you identify the perfect one for you!