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Confluence, the Atlassian document collaboration tool

Confluence is the Atlassian document collaboration tool

for your team to create, organise, and work on shared material, together. Modern teams work on multiple tools, based on different languages, and at geographically distant locations, but need, now more than ever, to always be on the same page and to act fast.


The tools they use, however, can act as barriers and often it is not possible to meet in person to share information and collaborate.

Nothing slows down a team’s work more than having to wait for a member to make the edits needed so that you can get ahead with your work, and the use of e-mail as a means of coordination is complicated; moreover, it is difficult to understand which version of the document is most up-to-date when countless versions are created.


Confluences comes to offer you the best sharing experience: spend less time looking for the information you need and have more time to dedicate to your projects.


Regardless of your team’s type or size, Confluence will help you work better together.

Main features of Confluence

A single space in which to create, centralise, and edit corporate documentation
  • Easily create all types of documents, from simple meeting minutes to entire project plans, with the use of pre-defined templates.
  • Centralise information that before was scattered among e-mail inboxes and countless applications, in a single and always available web space.
  • Exchange ideas and opinions: Confluence offers you the best collaborative editing experience, keeps track of all edits, makes for the granular management of file viewing/editing permissions and the import/export in numerous formats, such as PDF, XML, Word, HTML, and many others.
A powerful project collaboration platform
  • Give each team, project, or department its own space in which to organise their work.
  • Share the most important company news through the blogs, integrated in each space.
  • Keep your team connected and improve sharing and collaboration with the use of likes, @citations, and in-line comments.
  • Make sure that you are always looped in feedback and kept constantly up-to-date.
Knowledge base and knowledge management solution
  • In a few clicks, set your own space dedicated to the knowledge base, and document solutions to known problems fast with pre-defined how-to and troubleshooting templates.
  • Publish guides, manuals, operating policies: access information fast and incentivise self-service.
  • Disseminate and share with all members of your company the tacit knowledge that very often remains trapped among e-mails and shared network units.
Powerful integration with JIRA
The JIRA + Confluence integration creates a single, powerful, and flexible platform. 72% of Atlassian customers use JIRA Software and Confluence together, to unleash the potential of their teams.
  • Show JIRA issues inside Confluence pages to increase project transparency and visibility.
  • Add context to JIRA projects with comments and reports on Confluence.
  • Move easily between the two platforms, thanks to deep tool integration and automatic links

In addition, linking Confluence to JIRA Service Desk is the solution that lets you reduce IT tickets* by up to 45%: all you have to do is draft and collect useful knowledge base articles on Confluence that will automatically be suggested to your (internal/external) customers when they type a support request to the service desk.

*calculated on a sample of 80,000 JIRA Service Desk sessions

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