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ITSM Fast & Run is the end-to-end solution that makes it possible to introduce and implement a Service management structure in very little time, as it has already been configured for various project sizes.

Why - The Modern ITSM era

Through 2023, 80% of ITSM teams that have not adopted an agile approach will find their ITSM practices are ignored or bypassed as a result of more agile ways of working being adopted elsewhere in the organization.

GARTNER - 2020

Today, ITSM has shed its ticketing aspect and is globally recognised as the means of getting organisations to function efficiently. The management of corporate services involves a multitude of elements: internal and external people, the quality of services, cost optimisation, and dialogue between the various corporate services.

Modern ITSM starts with business needs and defines efficient and scalable processes that aim to optimise costs and the user’s use experience.

ESM: ITSM for every type of user

The concept of Enterprise Service Management is born from the need to go beyond “corporate silos” and transform the portals in a Business Desk for the centralised resolution of all requests. It is an integrated approach to the management of company Systems, that, by adopting support processes, mechanisms for the coordination of the various Organisational Units involved, and single points-of contact, makes it possible to improve the quality of the service and increase customer satisfaction (internal and/or external users)

Focus on the customer and faster service

Enterprise Service Management rethinks the service’s management structure, placing the customer and their experience at its heart. To do so, it optimises the service on three value-adding axes:

Ship faster

Keep services always-on

Deliver support seamlessly

Operationally, ESM makes it possible to reduce the time gap between the detection of a problem (incident) and its resolution, prevent the occurrence of problems before they arise, and identify and manage recurrent problems, thus leading to an increase in productivity and giving visibility to services and trends with a view to analysis and measurement, improve IT performance

…with the Fast & Run Service Management solution of GetConnected, bringing all this to organisations is now even simpler and faster!

Unleash your team’s potential

Key Points

Better Customer Experience

The introduction of a request catalogue, of a single point of contact, of a knowledge base, of a chat bot makes for a better customer experience in terms of simplification, tracking, response times

Visibility of the services offered

The introduction of the service concept leads the company to examine the services it provides, improving, on the one hand, the awareness of the services dispensed (Catalogue), and, on the other, the understanding of services missing or to be eliminated

Operational efficiency

The introduction of structured processes, workflow, and automations makes it possible to prevent re-workings, duplication of work, or information loss, significantly increasing the efficiency of service management activities

Transparent performance management

Tracking all employee requests makes it possible to quantify requests and management times and to let the organisation evolve towards the definition of service levels

Collaboration among corporate departments

The integration of the various departments’ support groups breaks down the first silos! the evolution of ESM leads to the creation of integrated and fluid processes among the various departments

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Fast implementation of an ITSM with Fast & Run Service Management

The GetConnected Fast & Run solution lets you implement a pre-configured and complete IT Service Management service, in just a few steps!

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Go live quickly

Our end-to-end solution lets you go from installation to go live in as few as 2/3 weeks for Smart solutions

Smart content in “Plugin & Play” mode

It consists of everything needed to implement the solution, in turnkey mode, depending on the characteristics of the “package” chosen.

Set up, customer portal, workflow, widgets are already pre-configured so they can be customised and introduced, and can be activated in no time at all.

User documentation on Confluence space

In addition to standard reports

Configured with 8 gadgets

Configured with 6 swim lanes

Configured based on PRIORITY

Customised home page with logo and 3 Templates

Portal Group, Request Type & Custom Field

User documentation on Confluence space

Portal Group, Request Type & Custom Field

Customised home page with logo and 3 Templates

Configured based on PRIORITY

Configured with 6 swim lanes

Configured with 8 gadgets

In addition to standard reports

Customisable features & boards

The GetConnected Fast & Run solution lets you implement a pre-configured and complete IT Service Management service, in just a few steps!


Want to structure a tailor-made and highly customised project?

Want to structure a tailor-made and highly customised project? Choose the Inception solution for a snapshot of work dynamics and the needs of all stakeholders involved.

If you do not want to proceed directly to the implementation of the Fast&Run Service Management Solution, we can launch the standard path that envisages the design of the solution with all necessary integrations, defining the detailed implementation roadmap.

Inception is a collaborative design solution, a fast route – based on a proven method – to designing a solution in just one month, thanks to the proven method of our experts who will guide all subjects involved in the project during 4 days of analysis, whose output will be a shared activity plan. At a fixed cost.


Vision & Plan


Incremental development of the solution

Transition & Coaching


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