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Photograph, understand, act

With Inception you can consciously change the way in which your group works in 3 weeks.


What is Inception

Inception is the solution we propose to companies or work groups to help the people involved in the project actively and collaboratively collect and analyse, under the guidance of our certified consultants, the status of their organisational and work processes, offering the essential tools to structure a new, more sustainable, and effective approach to the project.


In a collaboration, the first phases of the project are characterised by an intense exchange of documents. During the project, the requirements are usually reviewed an infinite number of times and new needs emerge as other persons are progressively involved. Chasing after interlocutors and involving new ones once the work has begun can even create an environment that is hostile to the project.

The inception solution lets us offer a fast and precise response to the companies or teams that want to involve us in a project, helping to lay down clear requirements and goals that all subjects involved share, starting from a higher degree of awareness when it comes to their work processes

Project risks

Neglecting the impact on other company areas because the customer is the only interlocutor

Myopic analyses that only collect the requirements, work processes and methods, and goals of one team

Requirements reviewed more than once and needs that change during the work on the project

Projects that bear no relation to the company ecosystem and to the organisation’s way of working

How it works

Transforming a work group, or an entire company, in line with Agile values requires changing the way in which people “experience work”. To support this transition in the long term, we provide people with the theoretical and practical tools to transform their organisation into a sustainable, effective, and efficient “ecosystem”: operational techniques, soft skills, leadership.

Inception days create a “snapshot” of the organisation, actively engaging all people and areas involved in the project.

The output will be a master action plan that takes into account the dynamics of the company ecosystem and the outcome will be widespread awareness of what has been laid down for the implementation of the project.

The purpose of the Inception process is to identify the user’s macro-requirements and define the project domain, identifying the path to reaching the goals emerged, the time and technological constraints, any ceilings on expenditure, the goals, and the main stakeholders.

Inception Journey

1 - Requirements and sync of the project goals

The first phase is dedicated to sharing and analysing the requirements, to preparing the activities of the following weeks, also including the rules of engagement of the teamwork envisaged by the Inception days. It ends with syncing the project goals to make sure that everybody is on the same page.

31 December 2018

2 - Four meetings to focus on needs and work processes

During the 4 half-days, our consultants start from an in-depth analysis of the customer’s “needs” and organisational processes - thus helping clarify where our action is required - and identify an assumed solution to be explored and optimised with the active contribution of all participants.

3 - Design and presentation of the proposal

Lastly, the GetConnected team that took part in the meetings puts on paper a proposal solution for the customer and provides a document that summarises the inception work, which contains the deliverables that were created during these days. The project proposal will contain one or more activity scenarios, depending on the variability of the requests that emerged.

31 December 2018

Unleash your team’s potential

How we work

Appointments envisaged

The appointments envisaged are 4 half-days that may be spread out over 2 or 3 weeks. All people involved in the project take part in this phase.

In person or online

The activities may be carried out in person or online, with the use of virtual boards and remote collaboration tools.

During the meetings

We use pre-set boards to guide the participants along the path that reveals the direction in which we are moving and the point at which we are at that time.

Where Inception comes in

Stakeholder vision

Alignment of project goals and high-level requirements

Proven Architecture

Establishing the feasibility of the requirements laid down

Software Selection

Definition of the software program(s) that may be useful for reaching the targets