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Trello, your Atlassian task management tool

Trello is the Atlassian task management tool that makes collaboration on any project visual and fun. Thanks to its extreme simplicity and flexibility, on Trello you can make notes, brainstorm, plan a trip, organise a project, and so much more!

Over time, the intuitive visual collaboration experience offered by Trello has been adopted by teams of all types for the most varied uses, from marketing campaign management to tracking operating actions.

One of Trello’s strongest points is its flexibility. It is possible to change the appearance and the way in which a board operates, to adapt it to the way in which a team works and carries out company projects. This flexibility can also be enhanced thanks to the Power Ups, which make it possible to integrate Trello with other tools already being used or to extend the features of the board depending on various needs.

Main features of Trello

Instantly available information
  • To have a general overview or view details, in Trello boards you can choose how you consult the information that is available.

  • Everyone can know the task’s status as the cards are moved in the lists all the way to completion.

  • Organise essential information obtained from all your apps with the power ups.

Continuous collaboration
  • An extremely flexible configuration means that you can use Trello to meet your needs.

  • Exit the e-mail program and communicate in a space where the work is brought to fruition.

  • Never miss a deadline thanks to the views in which it is easy to set by-dates and the calendar

Constant synchronisation
  • Trello is the tool that lets you stay connected with all the teams you have worked with.

  • Real-time updates mean that everybody shares the same view.

  • Available on browser and mobile devices (also when you are offline)

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