Migrate to the Cloud with GetConnected! Atlassian server – end of support!

Take the first step towards the future and migrate to Cloud instances safely

Cloud Migration Assessment is the GetConnected solution that lets companies set up the Cloud Migration process from Atlassian Servers and Data Centers, without nasty surprises along the way!

How to choose the way of migrating to Cloud that is best suited to your business and the features of your company? Which procedures to adopt?

There is no simple answer. Juggling this process requires the application of technical and certified skills, experience, method, and infrastructures. That is why it is essential to have a trusted, authoritative partner and a structured process.

Our Assessment is more than a run-of-the-mill evaluation stage: it is a detailed snapshot of the work and requirements of all stakeholders involved and draws up a technological and application map that is indispensable for the identification of critical issues, the necessary extensions, and for the sedimentation of all information required for the migration so as to define the project’s “size”. The output will be an action plan, while the outcome will be that of creating widespread awareness of what is about to be realised.

Why Atlassian Cloud

Embrace the future, now

There must be a reason why over 90% new Atlassian users go for the Cloud option. Cloud solutions guarantee extremely high security, compliance, and reliability levels. They also translate into reduced costs, faster processes – and therefore increased productivity – and increased performance, thanks to the absence of infrastructure and the lower number of incidents.

Time to value



Time to change

The path of evolution towards the Cloud has already begun. Make sure you are not left behind and embrace the most innovative, up-to-date, and market-compliant Atlassian solutions. Stay ahead of the Atlassian Server decommissioning roadmap, taking advantage of the incentives and anticipating the market’s evolutions.

How will you benefit?

Inception for migration to cloud

The Inception days will serve to create a “snapshot” of the organisation, practically involving all of the People sustainably. The output will be an action plan, while the outcome will be that of creating widespread awareness of what is about to be realised.


Infrastructure assessment

Functional assessment


Delivery assessment

What is in it for me at the end?

At the end of the Migration Assessment journey, we will be ready to transition into the actual Migration process with some essential information:

An estimate of the cost of the necessary Cloud licences

The complexity map, that provides the context of the structure and critical issues

The list of Critical Apps

The Migration Size: just like with T-shirts, we will be able to identify the size of your process, which influences effort and cost

A Migration roadmap with days and milestones

The next step? Ready for the Cloud Migration



The “assessment” phase makes it possible to evaluate and set down the requirements by analysing the possible scenarios and, first and foremost, to put together a team that will handle the migration project. It can even help us understand whether migrating to the Cloud is a suitable solution for you.

31 December 2018


Once we have understood and analysed the key elements, we need to correctly draft a technical and operational project plan, highlighting the critical points, especially with regard to changes to app features.


The phase of preparation for the migration to the Atlassian in Cloud platform aims to design test cases with well-defined outputs, the process being tested, the expected output (definition of use cases). It may also envisage an upgrade of the on-premise version supported.

31 December 2018
31 December 2018


This phase can be deemed the most critical, both because it implements our migration processes and because it gives us details on migration times, so that we can properly plan production downtimes, as well as because it enables us to understand “grey” points. It is also the phase during which the materials for user training on the transition to the Cloud platform are to be checked and prepared.


Once the processes have been finetuned and any important migration-related parts have been reviewed during the testing phase, comes the moment for definitively planning the migration, drafting the documentation, and onboarding users.

31 December 2018
31 December 2018


Completed and validated project.

Ready to take off in Cloud!