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From Jira Service Desk to
Jira Service Management: ready for an even more integrated service?

Did you know? Jira Service Desk is now Jira Service Management

The most collaborative service management tool on the market for service and IT teams to use.

Built on Atlassian’s JIRA, the market leader in helping teams manage projects on time, JIRA Service Management delivers an effortless service experience, adapts to your needs, and saves you time at a competitive price.

Technology is constantly changing, now more than ever consumers demand a service that delivers immediate value.

Make it easier for your customers to request support and for your service team to solve problems quickly: redefine the IT role for your business with JIRA Service Management, replacing JIRA Service Desk!

Main features

Easy self-service

Quickly set up a simple and intuitive service request catalogue within a unified portal for the best user experience. Make it easy to request support: offer immediate value to your business from day one with JSD (now JSM)

Integrated knowledge management

Provide access to useful knowledge by integrating JSM with Confluence: cross-referencing to knoweledge-base articles is often the solution to prevent IT agents from taking time to continually respond to simple support requests.

KB articles are intuitive, accessible by all and free of charge: it helps customers to help themselves.

Improved ticket management, with customisable queues

Flexible and easy-to-configure ticket management; customisable queues (lists of issues to be resolved) provide an efficient means for IT teams to organise their workload.

In addition, real-time updating of queues allows IT agents to stay constantly updated and aligned.

Real-time collaboration

Make it possible for your IT team to discuss issues in real time by creating HipChat rooms instantly from the ticket itself, at the click of a button.

Receive instant notification of critical updates and never lose track of conversations, thanks to native JSM-HipChat integration.


Through a simple and intuitive UI, JSM administrators can define the conditions and specific events when they occur, the tool’s automation engine performs certain actions.

Create rules to automate actions such as updating customers on ticket status or notifying your team that an issue is in danger of violating SLA terms, and much more.

Integration with JIRA Software

The native JIRA Service Management + JIRA Software integration allows you to link the problem to its cause, so it’s easier to proactively resolve the issue.

Keep your development and support teams aligned at all times, with Atlassian.

Jira Service Desk is now Jira Service Management. Want to know more?

Leader tra i service management tool per g2crowd

Il tool Atlassian di service management preferito dai consumatori e leader riconosciuto secondo la classifica di G2Crowd.

Questi sono i 3 motivi principali per cui JIRA Service Desk è amato dagli utilizzatori:

  • Semplicità di utilizzo
  • Integrazione nativa con JIRA Software
  • Flessibilità di adattamento ai tuoi bisogni