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Project Monitor

How do you monitor whether your project is in line with the initial estimates? Do you think that you are behind or ahead of schedule? What sort of effort does your team still need to make in order to complete its allocated tasks?

Project Monitor is a plug-in for JIRA that is developed and supported by GetConnected. It is an easy way for Project Managers and Team Leaders to keep check on the estimated and actual effort involved in a project. It provides a projection of the residual effort required and quantifies how far you are behind or ahead of the original estimates.

Simple set-up

A simple user interface makes setting up the Project Monitor addon a quick and simple process. All that you need to do is select a project or a sprint from an Agile board and Project Monitor will do the rest! You will instantly find a constantly updated status summary on your Dashboard!

It is also possible to add Project Monitor on a JIRA Wallboard so that you can keep a close eye on it at all times. Complicated calculation sheets for monitoring the progress of your projects will be a thing of the past!

User-friendly interface

On the simple user interface, there are two bars showing the estimated and actual effort for a specific project. Using the original estimates and the time logged in JIRA, Project Monitor will forecast how much effort will be required to complete all of the tasks.

With the Project Monitor plug-in, you will be able to count on a constantly updated estimate based on the actual data entered in JIRA by every member of your team. The Project Monitor forecast takes into consideration the inevitable variations from the estimates during initial task planning and provides extremely high-quality aggregate data.

The simple, information-packed interface gives you a comprehensive overview of the situation in a glance!

Try the Project Monitor plug-in now!

Project Monitor is free. Install it on your Dashboard now! The addon is supported by GetConnected and new features are constantly added to guarantee peerless performance!

For further information, see our online documents or visit the Project Monitor page on the Atlassian Marketplace!