The desire to 'innovate' is what drives our work and at the same time the aspiration and the fuel of our customers who choose our competences.

Is our job to create software? Look beyond: what does your company really need to unleash its full potential?
The potential of an idea, of a business, of the people who work there. This is the matter we try to solve every day.

With so much experience behind us, listening to needs, a design process shared with the client and the passion for innovation, we have outlined our work process.

From 2008 to now in continuous growth!

The adventure of GetConnected starts in 2008, to shape a vision of innovation and IT solutions tailored to the customer.

We have gone through many experiences - in large groups, abroad, in new startups - and we've understood what we want to do: helping companies to maximize their potential with cutting-edge tools , innovative technologies and a user-friendly service design.

In September 2018 we formalized the merger with Gruppo Euris, a large IT company with offices in Italy and abroad.
Today we are part of a group of over 450 people as the Business Unit specialized in Agile Transformation and Atlassian as Platinum Solution Partner Enterprise and Marketplace Top Vendor.

We want to make the difference

Digital is the tool we have chosen to unleash the potential of ideas and people.
Researching and choosing the best technologies, investing in strategic partnerships and dedicating time and resources to training means for us to ensure competence and professionalism, to create value for our team and at the same time to be ourselves the actors of Innovation actions in which we believe.





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