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Jira Service Desk meets Opsgenie features and capabilities to create Jira Service Management, the most rich and collaborative solution of Service Management for modern ITSM, Development and Operations teams.

Are you a Jira Service Desk user? Do you have Opsgenie instances?

Discover what is going to change in our FAQ section.


Why Jira Service Management?


It allows any type of team to create value quickly

With JSM every business team, from IT to HR to Legal, has ato to easily and quickly to implement Service Desk tool, more intuitive and scalable, for an excellent service experience for employees and customers.

Increase visibility with a collaborative platform

An open and collaborative platform where you can track work and keep tickets and company data connected, for transparent management and able to respond more quickly to requests, unexpected events and changes.


Aumenta la visibilità con una piattaforma collaborativa

Una piattaforma aperta e collaborativa dove tracciare il lavoro e tenere collegati ticket e dati aziendali, per una gestione trasparente e in grado di rispondere più rapidamente a richieste, imprevisti e modifiche.


Accelerate the workflow between Dev and Ops

Get the most out of your work thanks to the new link between Development and Operations. A smoother management and crucial activities managed with priority, to increase customer impact while reducing risks

Much more than a Service Desk

Incident Management based on Opsgenie

  • Manage incidents faster and more efficiently thanks to the inclusion of OpsGenie features such as on-call scheduling, alerts, swarms of incidents and more.
  • Achieve an end-to-end incidents resolution process between Dev and Ops IT teams with new integrations with Jira Software, Bitbucket and Confluence.

Change management tailored for DevOps

  • Make smarter decisions about service changes, with richer contextual information, on both the development and infrastructure sides.
  • Innovate faster with automated change risk assessments, advanced approval workflows, and deep integrations with the most popular CI / CD tools.

Intuitive and amazing experence of  Service

  • Increase transparency and collaboration with new ticket categories designated to support service requests, incident management, and issue and change management.
  • Take advantage of new features like bulk ticket actions and machine learning capabilities to work smarter and simplify and speed up services.


♦ What will happen to my Jira Service Desk licenses?

JSD has become Jira Service Management. In the case of Servers and Data Centers, when the version is renewed or updated, a more complete and feature-rich product will be available for IT and Operations teams. In the case of Cloud licenses, access to the Opsgenie features and new JSM features will soon be available automatically.

♦ Will the prices rise?

No, the JSM pricelist will remain the same as the Jira Service Desk.

♦ In which deployment option is JSM available?

Jira Service Management is available in the Cloud in the Free, Standard, Premium and Enterprise plans. Server and Data Center licenses are also available, but remember that from February 2021 these options will be affected by the change in pricing, the stop on the sale of new Server licenses and a gradual disposal of updates and support.
For more information, see the “Migrazione Cloud e Data Center” page (on Italian).

♦ I am already an Opsgenie user, what will happen to my licenses?

The features of Opsgenie are now part of the rich features of JSM, but the fact remains that it will still be possible to purchase or renew Opsgenie as a single product. Customers with existing Opsgenie instances will then be able to choose to purchase a Jira Service Management plan and merge their Opsgenie instance, resulting in a single cost center and access to all features of both products.


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Do you want to track your projects by linking request tickets for full integration?


Do you want to make the company knowledge base available and make it accessible quickly?


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Service Management, molto più che IT

A new tool for a new Service approach.

Jira Service Management is the new, complete Service Management tool to offer companies a renewed tool for the integrated management of Business services (in the broadest sense).

Enough "Service Desk" and portals limited only to IT areas!

Open the way to a single portal that allows you to manage various services, Business and otherwise, from IT to Human Resources or Infrastructure and even Finance or Legal.
Rethink individual business areas as "Business Services", for an Enterprise Service Management (ESM) oriented towards customer satisfaction (internal or external users no longer matters!)

Find out how to implement Service Management